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The Ultimate Forward/Neutral/Reverse Jockey Shifter

As a Ryker owner, we all know that the forward-reverse shifter can be a challenge at times and awkward.  We partnered up with Savage products to bring you this ultimate jockey shifter.  It has a nostalgic look and feel with the convenience and functionality of what every Ryker owner needs!  The shifting process is solid and precise, it makes quick shifts to get in and out quickly without fumbling around to kick that awkward lever.  The unique CNC bent handle has all the right angles, simplified installation and a customizable shifter knob to make it personally yours!  A lot of prototypes were tested until it was just perfect, then road tested and lots of parking maneuvers to make sure it is solid.

This is one of those products that is truly functional and cool looking plus the added safety of being able to quickly shift and go without having to pause, shift, wait, shift again then go.  Once you experience this you will not want to be without it.  

This complete package has everything you need for a quick and easy install.  

Step up the uniqueness and add an 8 ball to your shifter.  This 8 ball is specifically threaded and made using an outdoor UV coating unlike the ones that are used for inside of your car.  Simply twist it on and off you go.  The larger diameter makes it feel even more solid and the look, simply fantastic!

Proudly made in the USA AND PATENT PENDING!  

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