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  • Easily Installs on under the Drivers's Seat.
  • Fully adjustble Height and Tilt Direction.
  • Powder Coat black finish.
  • Will require the rear water shield B if you have a rally.  Product: RYK-RWSHB

Ordered and received this backrest from Spyder Extras in a timely fashion and installed it on my 2020 Can Am Ryker. Because of its width of 11.5" and height of 8" and 3" of vertical adjustment, this curved backrest offers excellent back support.... My only complaint (thus 4 stars), is that after installation and tightening down the vertical adjustment knob as much as possible (even with my strength and a damp rag for my hand), there was still about 3" of loose lateral side to side play with the backrest. The plates were machined with too much gap in the vertical adjustment channel.....I solved this problem by getting a good old fashioned chrome approx 6 1/2" around radiator hose clamp, unscrewing it out all the way and then placing it over the knob and completely around BOTH plates EVENLY and then tightening down the hose clamp as much as possible. WORKED like a CHARM! Very little to no more side to side play. Make sure that before the hose clamp is tightened down you have the back rest adjusted where you want it. To later adjust the backrest up or down, simply loosen the hose clamp and knob, then adjust and re-tighten the clamp and the knob.
- John Thurman
I got my driver backrest two days earlier than expected. It feels great on my back. Looks really good on my bike. Easy to install. If you have a can am ryker bike and you need a driver backrest you definitely need to get the Ryker Driver Adjustable Backrest. Thank you Spyder Extras and Slingmods.
- Marcell Woods