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Ryker Grille Guard

Linda Stone | Ryker | March 12, 2020


"The grille on the Ryker is exposed."


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Looking at this fine machine one of the first things you will notice is the front is squared with noprotection.  It is just asking for the next rodent or log in the road to crash through and crack the radiator.  That is a story for another time, but I will say, THANK GOD for the third wheel.

We have all seen it on the side of the road, maybe even sometimes right smack in the middle of the lane we are driving in.  That's right, roadkill.  Sometimes you’re the unfortunate one who hits the even more unfortunate critter. But sometimes you're just unfortunate to be the one to hit it again. All the same, this type of road hazard can be problematic for several reasons.

The problem on the Ryker is you sit lower than other cars on the road and cannot see too much ahead to plan for the carnage that may be coming.  

 Just this past week I was driving down a quiet neighborhood road and something that resembled a cat ran out so quick there was no time to react.  I heard a few thumps and just knew it had to be someone's beloved pet.  I turned around in case I had to find the family of the pet and hug some sad kid as I explained it happened so fast and Gods plan is better than our plan...But when I turned around, there in sat in all its wet glory in the road; a wild box.  Yes, someone's poor pet cardboard box.  

 A sigh of relief for sure, but something of that size, had it been a dog, skunk, or armadillo, could have done some serious damage to the Ryker.  Luckily my car sits much higher than the Can-Am Ryker and has ample protection to cover my radiator and fans.  But the front end of the Ryker, as pretty as it is, is just exposed. 

If you were on a Ryker and hit a foreign object in the road, that could cause some serious damage costing you money, time, and money.  Did I mention money?

We at Spyder Extras know how important it is to keep your ride running smooth.  Our solution is the Ryker Grille Guard.  


If you read my last Blog, you know my take on the Ryker is they are offered at such a low price because there is room for improvement.  I would recommend that your next purchase to improve the look and safety of the Ryker should be The Ryker Grille Guard. [Shown below] 

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The Grille Guard for the Ryker is made out of metal tubing, (1) with a durable flat black powder coat finish.  The Grille weighs just under 13lbs, has a Metal Skid plate (2) that attaches easily to the front ofthe Ryker using the lower front plastic grill screws and a supplied bolt kit.  It also comes with a spot to mount our 12 inch LED Light Bar. (3)

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The Grille Guard has an optional LED Light Bar that allows for Daytime Running lights and Nighttime driving lights.  This feature is perfect for those who plan to use their Ryker off road.  With the LED light you will be able to see more in the road and be seen more by cars coming when driving at night.  The lights are controlled with a on/off switch that mounts directly to the handlebar.  All wiring and instructions are included when you purchase the 12 inch LED Light bar. [Shown below]

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Give us a call if you have any questions, concerns or just want tochat. For ordering information visit our exclusive dealer:


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Thanks for your continued trust in our SpyderExtras brand.  Stay safe out there and watch the road!

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