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The Can-Am Ryker Stock Mirrors

Linda Stone | Ryker | March 12, 2020

Whats up Spyder and Ryker Riders?

Today we take a look at the Ryker and the first set of improvements we recommend you do to improve the safety of your ride.

A lot of us know that a majority of the Can-Am Spyder family has been loyal to the name since their rear first hit the seat.  Seriously, the Spyders look bad to the bone, have the stabillity two wheel motorcycles are lacking when at high speeds and the Spyder can make longer trips easier on the rider.  But what happens when Can-Am annouces they are coming out with a new 3 wheel Reverse Trike?  Well of course, customers lined up at their local dealerships ready to buy this new toy!

During the first few months of their launch, the first wave of the Can-Am Ryker was hard to find.  In our FaceBook group people were traveling several hundred miles to get their hands on one or paying crazy shipping cost to have them sent to them.  I mean, Can-Am had just come out with an almost Batmobile looking machine, at a price most could afford, who wouldn't jump on that?  

For most loyal Spyder riders, they had already paid 16k on the lower end and 24k on the higher end for their F3 and RT models and enjoyed every minute of it.  So naturally, looking at the fun these riders had on their trikes and seeing that Can-Am was introducing the Ryker for under 11k a lot of loyalist were ready to jump on the next hot thing to come from Can-AM.  Dealerships were selling quick and customers were making 500+ mile trips to get their hands on this bike. 

For a price break down the introductory price for the Ryker 600 started at $8,499; Ryker 900 started at $9,999; and Ryker Rally Edition, came in around $10,999. The pricing also had to factor in where you lived.  Like I mentioned, some people were paying even more to have them shipped to them and with all the add ons Can-Am offered.  

At Spyder Extras our aftermarket parts were soley geared towards Spyder F3 and the Spyder RT...until we got our hands on our own Ryker.  This bike has the get up and go that will leave you saying wow from the moment you take off.  It truely is a "Ride like no other".  

Can-Am's website describes the Ryker as "Ride like no other". and further states, "Everyone deserves a ride like no other. That’s why the
Can-Am Ryker is designed with an intuitive twist-and-go transmission and no gear shifting. Plus, a Vehicle Stability System (VSS) ensures you’re always held in place so you can own every road."  With the price point and the looks where you would want any introductory machine, you gotta question, "Why such a low price?"  Well I can safely say that once we obtained the Ryker, that 'low' price made perfect sense, the bike has some serious room for improvement. One of the many things we noticed was the need for an updated mirror.  I mean, look at this photo.  

Image title

The mirrors fit on the end of the handle bar and when riding we noticed a lot of vibration causing the objects in the rear view to be blurry.  The placement of these mirrors give you a field view and requires the rider to take your eyes off the road to get a good view of whats behind you.  To help this problem we have a solution with our handle bar mounted mirrors. These mirrors once mounted are closer to eye level, and give the rider a better viewing angle of the road behind the Ryker making the ride a safer ride.  Not only did we improve the mirrors that were stock, but we also have several styles to choose from.  

Visit our exclusive dealer below for more information on ordering.

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Join us tomorrow as we go over the Ryker Grille Guard! and why you need it to protect your Ryker grille from damage.

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Thanks for your continued trust in our SpyderExtras brand, stay safe out there!